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Thank you to everyone who submitted their 2017 Circle of Excellence applications. The application period is now closed. 2018 Circle of Excellence information will be released on April 1.

Circle of Excellence recognizes individual member achievements while also highlighting the group's’ collective success. You’ll be recognized at National Conference, in a national press release and on the national website.

2017 Qualification Levels

Topaz       $75,000 - $125,000     Emerald      $750,000 - $1,000,000
Pearl        $125,000 - $250,000     Diamond     $1,000,000 - $2,000,000
Ruby        $250,000 - $500,000     Tanzanite    $2,000,000+
Sapphire $500,000 - $750,000   

The Circle of Excellence applicant with the highest reported income will be the honored recipient of the 2017 Infinity Award. Congratulations to Ellie Mills for being the receipient of this year's Infinity Award!

Qualification is income-based, starts at $75,000 and is open to all members.

Qualification Documentation

Qualification for Circle of Excellence is based on personal income. All Circle of Excellence registrants MUST be current members and provide proof of 2016 income. Personal tax forms (IRS forms 1040, 1099, 1120, schedule C or W2) are the only acceptable forms of income verification. Written letters from accountants, K1 forms, business income, or similar forms cannot be accepted. Protect your privacy: Sensitive data such as social security numbers and home addresses should be blacked out.

Applicants are asked to mail, fax, or e-mail the application and tax documents to the WIFS National Office:
136 Everett Road, Albany, NY 12205
Fax: (518) 935-9232|E-mail:

NEW! Qualifiers can now opt in or out of having their name and qualifying level published. If you complete the application and check “published,” your name and qualifying level (not exact income) will be printed in the following locations: WIFS websites, programs, brochures, announcements, press releases, Conference signage and name badge ribbons.

You can keep your level confidential, remain anonymous and still qualify. Simply check “unpublished” on your completed application. Be sure to indicate your Chapter so credit is given in conjunction with Chapter of the Year Award applications. Income data will be used only in tabulation of your aggregate group income. Unpublished and published qualifiers will receive a bracelet and/or qualifying level charm

Circle of Excellence Award

IMG 9380All new 2017 qualifiers will receive a beautiful bracelet and a qualifying level charm to commemorate their success. All 2016 qualifiers who also qualify in 2017 will receive a new corresponding charm. 

Make the Most of Your Success

Imagine what qualifying for Circle of Excellence will do for you and your business. Don’t leave the story to be told only to those who enter your office. It’s time to tell the world!

  • Issue your own personalized press release. A customizable template is available on the member website.
  • Announce the award on social media. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways to get the word out.
  • Highlight on your website home page with a slider image or banner. 
  • Your email signature is seen daily by scores of people. Add a statement that reads “2017 {gem} Qualifier”. 
  • Use the Circle of Excellence logo on all of your marketing materials.
  • Attend Conference and you’ll be in a group qualification photo! You can share this image with co-workers, clients and colleagues.

Press Release Template

A press release is a fast, effective and inexpensive way to get more attention for Circle of Excellence qualifiers. It’s also a great way to attract new members. We’ve made it easy to spread the word by providing a Circle of Excellence release template that can be quickly and easily customized to include member specific information. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download National's press release template and replace the highlighted sections with your information.
  2. Find a contact or reporter at your community newspaper or broadcast outlet. Most accept releases via fax or email. You can also upload it to a news-wire service to make it available to news sources. There are countless wire services to choose from, and you can find free and for-pay options. Here are a few of our favorites: herehere, and here.
  3. Send out your press release to local media and include a headshot.

Please note this release is structured for distribution AFTER all qualifiers have been honored at National Conference in October.

2017 Qualifers

178 members submitted qualifying documents for this distinction, with reported combined 2016 income of $53.1 million, an increase in the average annual income of 2% from last year. Congratulations to everyone who qualified!

Diamond Qualifiers 
Vicki Catsimpiris, Linda Corujo Ramsey, Karen DeRose, Ellie Mills, Donna Nadler, Lisa Sappenfield Boyer

Emerald Qualifiers
Laurie Dubow, Kathleen Godfrey, Betty Harris Custer, Gail Hill, Raeann Kusch, Karen Poore, Nancy Wolfe-Smith

Sapphire Qualifiers
Regina Beatty, Cheryl Carretta Whitney, Cindy Diccianni, Michele Greene, Diane Hack Gould, Julie Hupp, Helen Kho, Jenny Kho, Anne Machesky, Christina Nash, Frances Rutchik Gardner, Judy Smith, Stacey Spedden-Irrgang

Ruby Qualifiers
Susan Anthony, Carri Berger, Cindy Bohn, Sarah Cicero, Eileen Cioe, Melanie Colusci, Susan Combs, Jeanmarie Deliso, Ellen Donahue, Karin Egan, Susan Ellis, Karen Foley, Pamela Gilmour, Dawn Gordon, Charlene Guisasola, Sheri Hoble, Kelly Hoff, Melissa Larson, Manda Lewis, Gail Linn, Lisa Lipton Parks, Karin Lopez, Mackenzie Martin, Juli McNeely, Melissa Miller, Christy Neill, Feng Yun Niu, Kathie Okun, Tanya Patzner, Jill Pietrusinski, Karen Roberts, Melanie Shanty, Angelia Shay, Winona Sioux Havir, Sheila Stith, Alice Tang, Ellen Tillman, Leanne Via, Marion Watkins, April Wilson, Dot Yandle, Julie Yunker, Paula Zonin

Pearl Qualifiers
Christy Aleckson, Lel Arandela, Melinda Aven, Jennifer Bacarella, Melissa Barnickel, Carol Brian, Angela Brown, Monica Brown, Andrea Burckhard, Wanda Caffrey, Stefanie Cao, Georgia Chletcos, Anne Clayton, Avi Curry, Melanie Dahl, Harriet Doherty, Caroline Emswiler, Thera Engle, Lorelle Farber, Diane Finnestead, Carisse Gafni, Evelyn Gellar, Susan Glass, Brittney Golden, Judy Gregory, Debra Hedgcoth, Mindy Helfrich, Pam Hoppe, Carolyn Humphrey, Sue Ianniello, Pamela Jackson Middleton, Danna Jacobs, Beth Jones, Lisa Jones, Annette Kendall, Jeanmarie Kricher, Elizabeth Kuhns, Meredith Langus, Deborah Lewis, Heather Lindsley, Tonya Mathison, Christine McDonald, Karen McPartlan, David Mehmen, Jill Minette, Yuka Nakahara-Goven, Andrea Nameche, Krista Neeley-Gonzalez, Kathleen Owings, Jeanne Peterson, S. Ann Pugh, Angela Ribuffo, Sonja Rogers, Ashleigh Rothhammer, Sherri Rush, Lisa Ryerson, Taren Sartler, Cathy Schmitt, Irene Surmonins-Thompson, Holly Thomas, Gisella Tomasio Chesnul, Sheryl Tully, Carol Wechsler, Beverly White, Renee Ann Williams, Mary Wojnowski, Hawley Woods Gray

Topaz Qualifiers
Alyson Burkett, Cheryl Canzanella, Ashley Churchill, Laura Davis, Lauren Debelius, Amy Evans, Ginny Fallon, Jacqueline Figiel, Jennie Fowler, Christina Getz, Sondra Goldstein, Stacey Grant, Alison Hartrum, Tamara Haskins, Molly Marie Hough, Martha Kern, Judith Luddy, Jennifer Lyndsey, Kim McCarthy, Kai Potter, Marielena Scanlon, Joy Sorensen Navarre, Janet Spector, Constance Urbanek, LaSausha Walker, Megan Walsh Paull, Stacy Wasserman, Jenny Po Wah Yu


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