Strike the Match is a concept that evolved out of a five-year strategic planning meeting. The goal of WIFS’ board members was to develop a vehicle for elevating awareness and moving the dial forward on achieving parity for women in insurance and financial services.



The challenge was to find a compelling strategy that would educate, elevate, and liberate people in the industry who share so many experiences of being made to feel less of a partner, colleague, peer. 


Strike the Match is the result of hours of brainstorming, research, and hard work to create a program, a presentation, and a symbol of WIFS’ mission to attract, develop and advance women in insurance and financial services.


The inaugural presentation of Strike the Match took place at WIFS’ annual (virtual) conference in October 2020. Since then, it has been presented by WIFS board members to WIFS members, partners, and sponsors around the country, to great acclaim.


Strike the Match positioned WIFS as a global thought leader. We will continue to make our voices heard at conferences, seminars and colleges/universities that have firmly embraced the goal of meaningful, long-lasting, and equitable inclusion and retention of women in the workplace, and who share our vision, mission, and goals.