By Brenden Kumarasamy, Business Transformation Consultant, IBM

On my first day of school, I was as nervous as any 4-year-old would be: “Will I make new friends? Will my mom still get me ice cream if my grades are bad?”

That was until I learned that I need to translate these difficult questions … IN FRENCH! I didn’t even know how to spell it, let alone speak it. I pleaded. I yelled, but NO. My parents did as any immigrant parents would; investing in a better future for me by obligating me to learn the French language and its culture. Years later, French is one of the best gifts I’ve been given.

Communication and the ability to do so effectively are critical for everyone. There’s no point in having a great idea if you can’t share it with anybody.

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By Beverly Seinberg, WIFS National Staff

Several years ago, I attended a community “networking event” for women. I had been laid off from a job I’d held for almost 20 years and was having trouble finding another. A friend suggested I attend in hopes of making a connection that would lead to new employment.
Although I’d rather have root canal than make small talk with strangers, I went for it. I had business cards printed advertising my skills, dressed in my best business attire, and walked into what I have since come to call the Desperation Derby – because “Hunger Games” was taken.

Everyone in that room was looking for something. There were unemployed women – like me – looking for jobs. There were business owners looking for new clients. There was even a multilevel marketing “consultant” looking to build her downline. (If you’re blessedly unaware of what MLM means, think Amway, Herbalife and other legal pyramid schemes.) In short, everyone there was trying to get something, and nobody there had anything to give.

I haven’t been to a networking session since – mainly because I received a job offer shortly afterward, no thanks to that night – but the word “networking” still makes me think of events like that one.

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By Marie Swift, President and CEO, Impact Communications

To many progressive advisors and industry thought leaders, social media is essential in terms of digital marketing and online presence. On the flip side, many advisors are still, when it comes to social media, confused about what to do and how to do it. Maybe you’ve taken a step into the social media waters and are doing OK with the basic strategies, but are not sure what to do next. Perhaps you have heard other advisors’ success stories and have seen them doing great things online, but can’t figure out how they do it and feel way behind. You might also be in the camp that wonders, “Why bother? What’s the big deal? Things are fine at my firm without all the social media distractions.”

In this article – and the webinar I presented on May 13, 2020 for WIFS, I will try to convince you that social media is important for boosting your online presence. I’ll also try to help you clarify your thinking and determine a good social media strategy.

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