By Lucila Williams, CFP®, The Intentional Advisor™

Have you ever walked into a professional setting and felt … well … alone? You stand in a crowded room, look around, and wonder if you’re going to relate to anyone else. Will you have anything in common? Even though your profession is similar, are you both there for the same reasons? You feel out of your element as you scan the room and realize, “No one here looks like me.”

Because you’re a female financial advisor.

Only about 15 percent of financial advisors are women and a nominally better 23 percent of CFP® professionals are female. And those numbers have been stagnant for years.

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By Susan L. Combs, CEO at Combs & Company, LLC

Growing up in a town of fewer than 1,000 people in the northwest corner of Missouri I always had a sense of who I was and where I was from. Yet, when I moved to New York City, fresh-faced and fancy free right out of college, the realization that there were more people on my subway train each morning on my way to work than in King City, Missouri was a little daunting at times.

My father encouraged me to “find my tribe” and look up the University of Missouri Alumni Chapter in NYC after getting settled. He explained to me that I would have an instant connection with these people as we had a common bond of the University, and that we would just “get” each other without having to explain a whole lot. And they would also know that Missouri is in the center of the US, something that New Yorkers still seem to have trouble locating when I tell them where I’m from.

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By Jane E. Blaufus, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Business Coach

February seems to be the month when love is in the air and many use Valentine’s Day as the day to pop the question. Once the euphoria from becoming engaged softens, talk usually turns to the engagement party, the wedding, the dress, members of the bridal party, flowers, décor, the rings, etc. The funny thing is that you do not hear much talk about real life once the wedding day and the honeymoon are over.

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