By: Melissa Barnickel, CPA, CLTC

Many people have heard the wise advice, “Saving for retirement is very important,” and that you must “start early.” However, what many don’t factor into their calculations is the high cost of long-term care. With almost two out of three people needing long-term care in their lifetime, the price can be catastrophic. Contrary to popular belief, long-term care is not covered by Medicare or many types of health insurance. However, there are steps that you can recommend to your clients to protect themselves and their loved ones financially. By starting the conversation as to what their preferences are for care, you can help to evaluate their finances and create a plan. Here, we take a look at the true cost of long-term care by the numbers. 

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By ShirleyAnn Robertson, Financial Professional, Prudential Advisors

“It’s not IF something will happen, it is WHEN it will happen and when it does, will you be prepared?” These words resonate within me every time I speak to an entrepreneur, an executive, a couple, a single parent, or with anyone about their financial future. As a financial professional of 26 years, assisting clients prepare for the financial turbulence of life keeps me passionate about my career.

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By Toni Sova-Corfee, Regional Vice President Sales and Distribution, Ameritas

Have you ever wondered how successful advisors (and managers) do “it all”? It is as though their days have more hours than yours do, but you know that is not possible. Their schedule contains a healthy balance of business development activity alongside professional development and networking activities. You, on the other hand, seldom feel as organized as you needed to be, you struggle with too many choices for conferences and events you’d like to attend, and you find yourself getting derailed (hijacked) throughout the day. There is never enough time (or money) for “it all”. It is maddening! What is their secret?

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