By Jane E. Blaufus, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and Business Coach

February seems to be the month when love is in the air and many use Valentine’s Day as the day to pop the question. Once the euphoria from becoming engaged softens, talk usually turns to the engagement party, the wedding, the dress, members of the bridal party, flowers, décor, the rings, etc. The funny thing is that you do not hear much talk about real life once the wedding day and the honeymoon are over.

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By Toni Harris Taylor, Marketing Coach, and Speaker

Ready or not, here it comes! 2018 is upon us and most of us are thinking, 2017 is over already? When you look back on 2017, did you meet your goals? Did you make the money you wanted to make? Or did you have setbacks and obstacles that got in the way? No matter your answer, you can take what you learned from 2017 and adjust for 2018. Here are three steps to help keep you on track for 2018 and take your life and business to the next level.

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By WIFS Member

Don’t you just love when one of your favorite movies comes on TV ... a movie that you haven’t seen in a while, but always makes you smile when you watch it? Well, that is how I feel about the movie “Shawshank Redemption”. I absolutely love this movie. Aside from the fact that Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors, there are so many lessons this movie has to offer. One example is when Andy (Tim Robbins) says to Red (Morgan Freeman), “I guess it comes down a simple choice: Get busy living, or get busy dying.” When I look back at 2017, that statement really wraps up some of what I have learned. As this year winds to a close, I fully understand that I have a choice. I can get busy living or get busy dying — it is totally up to me. In that spirit, as I start to think about the lessons I have learned for the year, I hope you will find these “living” lessons are as powerful to you as they have been to me.

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