By Leslie V. Marenco, Esq., Estate Planning, Tax & Asset Protection Attorney at Trust Counsel, P.L.

When discussing estate planning, most people think of a last will and testament. Indeed, wills have been the most popular method for passing on assets to heirs for hundreds of years — but they are not the only option. And if you rely on a will alone to pass on your assets, it is a guarantee that your family will have to go to court when you die. In contrast, other estate planning vehicles, such as trusts, can be used to keep loved ones out of the court process.

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By Chia-Li Chien, PhD, CFP®, PMP®, Assistant Professor and Director of Financial Planning Program at California Lutheran University

My entry into the financial planning field resulted from stress-related illness. I was a director for corporate financial systems in a Fortune 100 company many moons ago, before I transitioned into the financial planning industry. I had 176 people on my team and was on the road a lot. I had so much stress from work that I woke up one morning paralyzed on my right side from the neck down. The doctor gave me some muscle relaxants, and I slept for one week straight. Later I discovered that I had a severe form of myofasciitis that required surgery. I could not afford the time to have the surgery. I had acupuncture instead, but the treatment took more than two years.

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By Kathleen Johnson, Vice President at BNY Mellon | Pershing

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines collaboration this way: to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.

With this shared understanding, I wondered, what makes some collaborations successful and others less so? In pursuit of more explanation I asked colleagues to describe recent group projects.

The responses reveal elements that impact the practice of working together. Some mentioned are: personality types, priorities, goals, approaches, positions, knowledge, experience and age. With all of these factors influencing collaborations, how to succeed becomes more complicated than simply “work jointly together.”

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