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November 2019:     Attracting the Next Generation of Clients and Advisors

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By Ann Baker Ronn, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Selecting the right type and purchasing life insurance is a significant choice that takes time and is often complex for clients. They don’t want to dwell on the uncomfortable reality of death and therefore try to make decisions quickly. Arming your clients with the proper tools and information to consider in their decision-making process empowers them to feel secure in their families’ financial futures. Through clear communication of comprehensive policy offerings and niche options such as non-participating whole life, your clients can gain a stronger understanding to inform their purchase decision.

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By Leslie V. Marenco, Esq., Estate Planning, Tax & Asset Protection Attorney at Trust Counsel, P.L.

When discussing estate planning, most people think of a last will and testament. Indeed, wills have been the most popular method for passing on assets to heirs for hundreds of years — but they are not the only option. And if you rely on a will alone to pass on your assets, it is a guarantee that your family will have to go to court when you die. In contrast, other estate planning vehicles, such as trusts, can be used to keep loved ones out of the court process.

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