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March 2019:         Fostering Collaboration with Clients

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By Bellaria Jimenez, CFP®, ChFC, MBA
President and General Agent, MassMutual Tri State

Why millennials? As financial advisors, our industry is shrinking and going through a critical period that we can no longer ignore. We have always endured high turnover but now it is compounding as we face an aging advisor population. As a financial advisor, you have two options: Ignore it and make it someone else’s problem or help us change our future. I recently attended an industry event and a few advisors and managers were in deep discussion about not hiring millennials because they just didn’t get them. I have read articles with various viewpoints and have seen all sorts of comments on how this generation job hops every few years and gets bored easily and the big gap that exists in the way they view life. The reality is that this is the future, this is the next incoming generation, and we need to learn how to attract them.

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By Grace Staten, Vice President at MassMutual & San Diego Chapter Past President

During my agency’s annual managers planning meeting, we put our heads together to decide what the immediate and long-term strategies are. Prior to starting, we review our mission statement to incorporate it into planning. Nothing will be successful if we don’t know what we are striving toward. Here are some of the success strategies I have learned from experience.

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