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By Michelle Harm, Financial Professional, Prudential Advisors

Change has always been a part of my life. It has affected me personally and professionally. I grew up in a time when women were told we could have it all – a successful career, a happy marriage and motherhood, a beautiful home, and overall, a good life. Like many, I bought into this “Wonder Woman Syndrome.”

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By Becky Brothers, Marketing Consultant

How many of you suffer from summer slowdown? Right, why not? You deserve a break. I deserve a break. First and second quarter kicked our rear ends, and it’s time to reward ourselves! Right! Right? Wrong. Summertime provides the PERFECT opportunity to boost your business. It’s the best time to get together. Not only will you have fun and fill your pipeline, but you can do it on a budget, too! How exciting!

Here are the rules. Yes, there are rules. You can thank me later.

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