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By Abby Straus

A client once told me how stressed out she was by watching the news. “What’s preventing you from turning it off?” I asked. To which she replied, “I have to stay informed!” This began a conversation about whose script she was working from, hers or someone else’s. Her story went something like this: “If I don’t know about everything that’s going on in the world, I’ll appear uninformed, and people will think less of me.”

I asked what alternative story she might adopt that would support her in lowering stress, which was getting in the way of many things, including working well and enjoying her life. Initially, she was resistant, unable to get her head around the idea that there might be another story to tell.

By Dr. Marc Milstein

If you have been feeling stressed, anxious, and find yourself tossing and turning at night, you are not alone. Recent studies uncovered that in the last six months the quality of sleep many people are getting has dropped significantly and stress and anxiety have skyrocketed.

It is completely understandable as we try to juggle work and home life. Instead of working from home it can feel like we are living at work.

By Joe Hirsch

Change is a constant in every business, but managing through change can be highly volatile. Whether it’s the arrival of new management, disruptive technologies, or customer tastes, leaders must act decisively to pivot with the market while allaying fears and pushback from team members who cling to legacy thinking and behaviors.
How effectively leaders respond to these challenges can be the difference between widespread chaos or calm.

By Barbara Gross

Inevitably, whenever I am speaking with people, I end up telling stories of actual events that have happened to me. People always ask me, “Why do all these funny things keep happening to you?”

By Brenden Kumarasamy, Business Transformation Consultant, IBM

On my first day of school, I was as nervous as any 4-year-old would be: “Will I make new friends? Will my mom still get me ice cream if my grades are bad?”