By Barbara Gross

Inevitably, whenever I am speaking with people, I end up telling stories of actual events that have happened to me. People always ask me, “Why do all these funny things keep happening to you?”

I reply, “If you listen carefully, they really weren’t that funny at the time, but in hindsight they are hysterical!”

I believe we all have a choice in how we react to any situation. We can be negative or positive and I choose to: be positive! I believe in choice!

My presentation, “Embrace Unexpected Events to Achieve True Happiness” consists of sharing my stories as examples and exercises on how you can navigate through unexpected life events and how you handle them to make them positive.

After all, if we don’t use our laughter muscle, we might tend to obsess about it.

Isn’t life so much better when we laugh and embrace the unexpected with joy and humor!

Barbara Gross, known as "The Laughing Accomplishment Speaker," has a passion for expressing her love for life by showing people how being able to laugh at oneself is great fun and can be used to achieve any goals in life or business. She is the author of "Humorous Adventures With Baaaaahbra!" and delivered her presentation "Embrace Unexpected Events to Achieve True Happiness" as a WIFS Tuesdays at Two Webinar on September 1.

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