Financial planning is a great career for women. You'll find rewarding opportunities to use your natural problem-solving skills and abilities to make a difference in clients' lives.


Being a financial advisor offers a level of autonomy that's hard to beat.

Many women working in the field particularly value the control they have over their own schedules. By setting their own appointments and shaping their days in ways that make sense for their lifestyles, women working in financial advising can achieve the coveted work-life balance, as well as a considerable degree of independence.


Once you're established in the field, being a financial advisor pays off big time.

As with any other career path, reaching a point of economic success as a financial advisor doesn't happen overnight. It requires a level of educational investment and continuous professional development in order to stay on top of your game. Don't worry, though; WIFS is here to help you with that.

Once you're up and running as a financial advisor, however, the financial compensation places you well above the national median, often without an earnings cap.


Financial advising is a collaborative career, with the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your clients.

All levels of financial consulting rely on forging strong relationships with your clientele. Did you know that 91% of household decisions are made by women? Your position and ability to offer useful counsel based on sensitive and personal financial information can be massively rewarding. Social stigma often surrounds the notion of talking about money with one's peers, positioning a financial advisor as a much-needed outlet for economic concerns. Approaching these issues with compassion and clear, actionable advice will be both appreciated and rewarding.

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Read the real stories of 23 women who created successful and fulfilling careers. Offering keen insights, the book highlights 23 successful, dynamic women in the industry. Each one shares openly about what attracted her to the business, how she developed her practice, what she learned along the way, and how she has created a life that blends family, community service and a fulfilling career.

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WIFS Partners for Excellence recognize the value of attracting, developing and advancing female advisors. Visit their websites and inquire about their internal and external professional development programs for women.