See below for a brief rundown of the 2022 Conference schedule. Click the links to learn more about the speakers and their presentations. Check back often for updates!


8:00 am: Chapter Leader Breakfast Meeting

8:00 am: Registration Opens

11:00: Annual Business Meeting

1:00 pm: Welcome

1:15 pm: Professor Maja - How Allies & Gender Bias Influence Women's Confidence

Partner for Excellence Big Idea

2:30 pm: Terrance Johnson - Branding Enterprises and Small Business

Partner for Excellence Big Idea

3:50 pm: Breakout Sessions

  • Terrance Johnson - Coaching Leaders
  • Alanah Phillips -Project Inspire/Project '36: Recruiting Strategies Rooted in Service
  • Sue Kuraja - Insurtech/Fintech: A Deeper Dive into Blockchain
  • Kay Carreon - Positive ME (My Experience) Journey 
  • Daralee Barbera, Thomasina Skipper and Linda Witham - Women Matter: What Women Can Do for Gender Parity in Our Profession

6:00 pm: Reception at Annexus Social Club. Dress code: comfortable cocktail attire.



7:30: Project '36 Breakfast

8:00 am: First-Time Attendee Mingle

9:00 am: Dr. Jackie Freiberg - Change: Do Something Now

Partner for Excellence Big Idea

10:00 am: Tom Hegna - Unique Retirement Challenges for Women

Partner for Excellence Big Idea

11:00 am: Breakout Sessions

  • Christina Aleckson - Behavioral Finance: Why Clients Make the Decisions They Do
  • Olenka Cullinan - Level Up Your Mindset, Guilt Free
  • Harlan Accola: Home Equity Conversion Mortgage: The Cinderella of the Baby Boomer Retirement
  • Jane Cebrynski - How Women Win
  • Jackie Wilke - The 4 C’s: Influence Accelerator for Reputational Marketing

12:00 pm: Awards Luncheon: Circle of Excellence, Chapter of the Year, Woman of the Year

Fast 'N Furious

Partner for Excellence Big Idea

2:10 pm: Breakout Sessions

  • Linda Ruffenach - Exit Planning
  • Sharon Rolph - Making a Marvelous Transition
  • Mary McDirmid - Niche Market: How to Differentiate Yourself
  • NAIFA - What If the True Kingmaker Is the Queen? Taking the Power of Women to the Polls
  • Hawley Woods Gray - It's All About Connections!

3:00 pm: Breakout Sessions

  • Barbara Micheletti - The Wolf That Ate Grandma, Telemarketing Fraud & Crimes of Persuasion Against Older Adults
  • Christine Bryant for Finseca - Designing your Dream Team With Talent & Purpose
  • Marc Kiner - Situational Social Security
  • Barbara Provost - Reach, Engage and Win the Female Dollar

5:30 - 7:30 pm: Tapas on the Terrace with the JukeBox Repair Co. Band. Dress code: cabana chic/summer whites.



9:00 am: Becky Ruby Swansburg - Market Update: What's Going On in Washington?

Partner for Excellence Big Idea

10:00 am: Panel - Next Gen: The New Faces of Women in Insurance & Finance

Partner for Excellence Big Idea

11:00 am: Kristen Eskew - Your Purpose Is Staring You Right In the Face: Showing Up Authentically and Owning Your Own Magic

12:00 pm: Closing

WIFS Volunteer Give Back Opportunity: Dress for Success. Dress code: casual/comfortable

4:00 pm: Greenwood Brewery Mixer. Dress code: casual/comfortable.