2022 Finish Strong Mentor Session


Thank you so much for your interest in the WIFS Mentoring Program.  In order to file a completed application, we will need the following from you:


1. Personality Profile visit www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes1.html to complete.

2. Application

3. Participation Agreement

WIFS Mentoring
WIFS Mentor Application
Would you rather be matched with a mentee that wants to work on a specific aspect of their career, or would you rather have a mentee that has a more broad focus and opened to work on multiple aspects of their career?
Mentor Program Participation Agreement

Participation Agreement

This Mentoring Program is administered by WIFS. Individuals who wish to participate in the program must agree to the following requirement:
1. Participants will meet at least twice per month.
2. You could be selected as a spotlight mentoring team.
3. The Mentor and Mentee agree to submit progress reports to WIFS every other month.
4. The Mentor and Mentee recognize that confidential and/or proprietary information may be discussed in the course of their mentoring relationship. Individual participants must agree to honor the trust relationship between the mentoring pair, and must never discuss confidential and/or proprietary information with any outside party.
5. Participants agree to notify WIFS if any issue arises between members of the mentoring pair.