Wednesday, August 10 at 2 pm EDT.

 With Denise Mills.

Denise MillsNo one cares more about your career than you do, and yet, most women do not take the time to create a strategic plan for their career. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. By being intentional and using simple tools with effective strategies, you can open up numerous possibilities and design and prepare yourself for your next big promotion or opportunity.

Join us for a robust conversation with Denise Mills, Chief Mindset Officer, The LeaderFuel Center who will walk us through a step-by-step plan for career advancement that aligns with your unique life stage and embraces life balance.

In this presentation you will receive:

  • A strategic planning tool for the most important areas of your life
  • A process and beautiful questions to create a vision of your ideal future/career
  • Tools and techniques to stretch your comfort zone
  • An eye-opening timeline to identify life stages with the greatest window of opportunity
  • AND, as a bonus: A technique to help you negotiate more confidently

Our speaker, Denise Mills, is a leadership development coach who works with Fortune 500 leadership teams all over the world including Toyota, Amazon, DuPont, T-Mobile/Sprint and many more. She has been selected by the US State Department and United Nations’ NGOs to work with leaders throughout the world identifying trends that contribute to happiness, increased positivity and well-being.

Denise will challenge us to be purposeful and intentional in how we live and how effective we are at work. She will provide practical tools that increase your energy, build your confidence and challenge your thinking. And as a bonus, she will provide you with tools to help you motivate yourself and others.


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