Michelle HarmDear WIFS Members, Partners and Stakeholders,

I am beyond thrilled to step into the role of your new president and ready to further the mission of WIFS by attracting, developing and advancing women in the profession. Serving you, our members, sits at the core of what we do and I feel empowered to take what Michelle Harm and the previous board accomplished to move forward into 2020.

We are fortunate to have all of our current board members reengage for another term—while adding a few new faces. All are committed to our mission and vision, and our current board’s professionalism and thoughtful ideas will help bring our 2020 plan to fruition. I have immense confidence we will do great work. However, there is a lot of work to be done.

Our Strategic Plan remains focused on growing the representation of women in our industry while we continue to boost WIFS as a thought leader. This plan is a big feat, but it’s one I know we can accomplish together. In the year to come, I want to challenge our members to cultivate new relationships and grow our association—to reach others and go beyond what we know. Take the extra step, reach out and network in areas of the profession yet to be explored. For 2020, I encourage the WIFS community to grow our membership by a plus three commitment. Can you imagine, just for one moment, if you could impact three of your colleagues by simply inviting them to join our organization? What difference would that make to our association; to our industry?

Our goal in the coming year is to reach a WIFS National Membership of 2,020 and we need your help in achieving this goal.

Any chapter who triples their membership will receive $2,020. Additionally, any member who triples themselves or brings in three new members will receive $220.

Let’s strive to cultivate relationships and grow our membership in an underrepresented profession. My passion and commitment to WIFS will continue to grow throughout the next year. I am honored to be the WIFS 2020 National President, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to lead this incredible association. As a collective, we are changing the face of the profession for generations to come.



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Dawn Wolfgram
2019 National President


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For more than 80 years, WIFS has been committed to attracting, developing and advancing women in the insurance and financial services profession. Members, partners, exhibitors and sponsors benefit from connection and mutual respect for professional development and education-focused interaction rather than career opportunity promotion.