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As 2019 WIFS National President, I look forward to the year ahead as it’s an exciting time to be a part of WIFS. We are fortunate to have an outstanding group of individuals that have been elected to serve on the board who are strong, passionate leaders who will effect change.

There continues to be an immense need to advocate for women in the profession. At the 2018 National Conference in Austin, I stated that collaboration among all stakeholders, members, Chapters, partners, supporters and industry leaders is vital if we are to accomplish change. Together, we have the power to foster increased diversity from entry level through senior leadership. I truly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Let your voice be heard! Each and every one of us has the power to contribute to change. WIFS members demonstrate their commitment to contributing to the larger voice, investing in their personal growth, advocating for the profession and supporting career advancement. I am grateful for each and every member and encourage you to continue investing in yourselves by renewing your membership and engaging with WIFS in 2019. If you’re not yet a member, I urge you to join and get involved today!

Engaged members are the foundation of WIFS. There are many opportunities to contribute – consider serving as a leader on your local Chapter’s board, forming a local interest group, writing an article for AdviseHER or LeadHER, volunteering to serve as a mentor, responding to our call for speakers, or being a vocal supporter and ambassador for the profession. I encourage you to share your passion by giving back to the profession that has given to you!

My passion for and commitment to the WIFS mission of attracting, developing and advancing women continues to grow. I am honored to be the WIFS 2019 National President and am thankful for the opportunity to lead this amazing association. Together, we will the face of the profession. Please don’t hesitate to reach out; I’d love to hear from you! My email address is mharmwifs@gmail.com.

Best Wishes,

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Michelle Harm, MBA, RICP®
2019 National President


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For more than 80 years, WIFS has been committed to attracting, developing and advancing women in the insurance and financial services profession. Members, partners, exhibitors and sponsors benefit from connection and mutual respect for professional development and education-focused interaction rather than career opportunity promotion.