Greetings, WIFS members! I am so thrilled and honored to have been elected your WIFS National President for 2021. It's going to be a great year as we advance a strong, bold, brave vision for our Association and work to achieve our goal of becoming a Global Thought Leader!

CarrieI want to thank my predecessor, Dawn Wolfgram, for her service as President. She has been an amazing leader and a true inspiration. 

I would also like to thank Dawn's predecessor, Michelle Harm, for her service and dedication to WIFS. I know she will continue to be a force in our Association even though her time on the National Board is over.

I'm excited to welcome two new members to the National Board: Sarah Williams and Calinda Young, who will serve as Membership Directors. I've known both these ladies for a long time and can't wait to work with them on the Board.

Before I move on to our plans for 2021, I'd also like to give a few more shout-outs. First, thanks to our Chapter leaders for all they do to advance WIFS and its members at the local level. At Conference we welcomed five Aspiring Chapters -- Central PA, Kansas City, Louisville, Northern California and Phoenix -- to fully accredited status, and celebrated Philadelphia as Chapter of the Year! Congratulations!

Congrats also to our Circle of Excellence qualifiers and 2020 Woman of the Year, Grace Staten! We celebrate all your accomplishments.

Now, on to the year ahead ...

Of course, 2021 isn't just any year. It's the 85th anniversary of WIFS! Check out our new seal marking the milestone. Throughout the year we will reflect on the past 85 years, our accomplishments and the lives that WIFS has changed.

There will be thoughtful, engaging and career-changing programming for our members. We'll pay tribute to the accomplishments and successes of WIFS' rich and long-standing history and pave the way toward a bright future. We'll also celebrate -- oh, will we celebrate! Stay tuned for details on all we have planned for this very special year.

As we reflect, honor and celebrate, we will focus our work in three main areas:

  • Expanding our footprint by increasing the number of Chapters. Our goal for 2021 is to have at least one interest group in every state, and we have two Membership Directors dedicated to the growth of our Chapters and the engagement of our members.

    And our Members-at-Large will not be left out. We are creating an East and West Member-at-Large Council that will be your virtual Chapter.

    To further expand outreach to new members, we are adding a new initiative, "14 for 12," which allows new members to receive membership benefits for 14 months at the cost of 12 months.

  • Continuing to grow non-dues revenue with a focused and strategic approach. These partnerships are critical to the work we do to attract, develop and advance women in the industry. We are grateful to all our Partners for Excellence and our SupportHER partner, and look forward to bringing more of them on board.

  • Continuing to develop and deliver additional thought leadership products and tools to change the face of the industry. At Conference we unveiled the results of our work in that area this year with Strike the Match, which we are looking forward to sharing with organizations and companies throughout the industry.

When you get a group of women together to support one another and work for change, there's nothing we can't do! Thank you for being part of this great Association and for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President. I love you all!

Wishing you all things bright and beautiful,
Carrie D. Sayre
WIFS 2021 National President


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