Board of Directors

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Darlene Flagg


National Life Group

Chapters: Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston

Toni Gonzales

Vice President

Ohio National Financial Services

Chapter: Phoenix

Mindy Helfrich


Vintage Financial Group, LLC

Chapter: Nebraska

Darren Larsen


Law Office of Darren M. Larsen

Chapter: Los Angeles

Carrie D. Sayre, CLTC

Immediate Past President

Chapters: Louisville and Phoenix

Katie Small

Membership Director

Strategic Planning Group

Chapter: Carolinas (Aspiring)

Sarah E. Williams

Education Director


Chapter: Kansas City

Calinda Young

Chapters Director


Chapter: Louisville 

Board Committees

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Chair: Calinda Young


Chair: Darlene Flagg
Members: Toni Gonzales, Mindy Helfrich, Darren Larsen, Carrie Sayre

Membership (Engagement)

Chair: Toni Gonzales
Members: Darren Larsen, Carrie Sayre, Katie Small, Calinda Young

Sales and Marketing

Chair: Toni Gonzales
Members: Katie Small, Sarah Williams, Calinda Young


Chair: Mindy Helfrich
Members: Toni Gonzales, Calinda Young



Chair: Sarah Williams


Leadership Selection (independent committee)

Chair: Carrie Sayre

Editorial (ad hoc committee)

Chair: Darren Larsen

Members: Toni Gonzales, Carrie Sayre, Sarah Williams