Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) was founded in 1936 and is an association of financial services professionals working together to attract, develop and advance women in an underrepresented profession. No other financial services organization provides programming designed for women, by women.

85th anniversary seal

2021 was the 85th anniversary of WIFS! Throughout the year we reflected on the past 85 years, our accomplishments and the lives that WIFS has changed.

Watch SHINE, the 85th anniversary video, to learn all about how WIFS got started and how it has grown to be a vibrant community of thought leaders looking to the future of women in the industry.

WIFS Past Presidents

2022 Darlene Flagg
2021 Carrie Sayre
Dawn Wolfgram
2019 Michelle Harm
2018 Angela Ribuffo
2017 Evelyn Gellar
2016 Susan Glass
2015 Susan L. Combs
2014 Angelia Z. Shay
2013 Theresa Schaffer
2012 Karen Roberts
2011 Karen Roberts
2010 Kathleen Godfrey
2009 Sabine Robinson
2008 Faith Cuda
2007 Laura LaTourette
2006 Marilyn Blosser
2005 Diane Dixon
2004 Deborah Anderson
2003 Robelynn Abadie
2002 Diane White
2001 Estella Kierce
2000 Ivy Douglas Leach
1999 Carole Glantz
1998 Barbara Fiscarel
1997 Donna Patton
1996 Gayle Miller
1995 Susan Davis
1994 Donna Freeman
1993 Nancy Rash
1992 Barbara Lancaster
1991 Ann Carroll
1990 Toni Savadel
1989 Joan Mooney
1988 Noni Baldwin
1987 Lorna M. Venderbush Bishop
1986 Billie Root Coburn
1985 Liane L. Gonzalez
1984 Sandye G. Saiontz
1983 Rosalie Kuntz
1982 Marietta G. Scott
1981 Wanda J. Bateman
1980 Grace Thornburg